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#1812. Frank Lloyd Wright Research

other, level: Senior
Posted Fri Jun 23 08:46:14 PDT 2000 by Ralph Longus (
West High School, Waterloo, Iowa - Blackhawk County
Materials Required: Computer program - Inspiration
Activity Time: (2) class periods
Concepts Taught: Learning to use internet research tools

Using the Internet to Enhance Student Learning: Final Project

Ralph Longus -- Industrial Technology, Waterloo West High School

Your task for the final project is to create a student centered learning activity that integrates the Internet to support engaged learning. Use the Instructional Framework to connect curriculum, best practice, and the Internet. The following format can be used as a guide as you create your project. [Save this file to your desktop. Delete the Task directions and the questions as you enter your responses.]

Contemporary Architects -- Frank Lloyd Wright

Subject Matter Emphasis and Level:
Industrial Technology -- Architectural CAD Drafting -- 10-12

Brief Description of the lesson:
This lesson is designed to familiarize the student with Frank Lloyd Wright and a sampling of his over 1100 works. From this the students should have a good working knowledge to be able to formulate questions for our tour hosts when we visit the "Walter's Residence -- Cedar Rock" in Quesquetin, Iowa near the end of the semester.

Why Do This?
What standards are addressed in the learning activity?
Computer Application / Research
What is the connection to your district's mission/outcomes/beliefs?
Computer (Internet) Literacy
How is this content/topic important to the student?
This project relates directly to their 18 week drafting assignment. Each student is responsible for designing and drawing a contemporary residence.

What critical objectives will be taught in this lesson?
Each student will learn about a well known American architect. Students will then research samples of that architect's work using computer software enhanced with internet hyperlink technology, which can expand into further research using internet search features
What role will students play in selecting content?
The student will research information about Frank Lloyd Wright and three of his building, one of which must have been built in Iowa.

Content, cont.
How does this learning connect to other content areas?
English -- Research and writing
Math -- The engineering involved in many of Wright's designs
Art -- Wright's designs are stylized based on the surrounding landscape as well as the building design itself. Forms, textures, materials, etc.
History / Social Studies -- All of his designs were ahead of their time and quite controversial at that time. Wright was quite a colorful fellow and very popular figure in his time.
What student needs, interest, and prior learning are a foundation for this lesson?
Before starting this project, each student will have worked on their own residential design and plan for up to nine weeks, helping them to understand architectural terminology and basic design.
What conceptual difficulties might students have?
Understanding the complexity of some of the designs and the enormity of some of the projects, not to mention most of the early building were constructed well before modern construction equipment was invented.
How does the lesson address these?
Through the use of the internet-linked sites, students will be able to access a variety of sites with pictures of finished projects, blueprints and how some of the building was actually constructed.

How will you integrate instruction and assessment so that assessment occurs throughout instruction?
Instruction will be verbal and written and accessed as a key component of their final project.
How will students' learning be assessed?
Assessment will cover the research paper as well as student-generated questions and participation during our trip to Cedar Rock.
How will you guide students to assess themselves?
Self-assessment of the research paper will be incorporated into the existing self-assessment tool used for the final project.

Teaching Strategies
How will students learn the content best?
The students are self-directed by following links, choose what part of the total assignment is the most interesting to them.
How will the lesson help students discover concepts through interacting with the world?
This assignment covers works from across the state to the other side of the globe, helping students to learn from different perspectives both historically and culturally.

Teaching Strategies, cont.
How will the lesson encourage students to construct knowledge in deep and meaningful ways?
Students should start to see how architects make the connection between Industrial Technology, Art, Geography and History.
How will the lesson encourage students to be responsible for their own learning?
Students may find they dig into this assignment more than what is required because the learning is now interactive.

Materials and Resources
Books and resources
Community Resources
Cedar Rock / The Walter's Residence -- Iowa D.N.R. at Quesquetin, Iowa
Technology Resources -- created by W. Derek Weems, 1998 -- created by David & Shea Vick, 2000 -- created by Tim Renshaw, 1997 -- created by John G. Shepard, 1994 -- created by the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, 2000 -- created by Steve & Noriko Wright -- created by Meitetsu Computer Service Co., 1995 -- created by Mattew Drutt, Associate Curator of Research, 2000 -- created by D. Sign -- created by Mark Miller

How will you mange students working in cooperative or collaborative groups? with partners? Independently?
Each student will work independently.
How will you arrange the classroom physically?
Our classroom arrangement will not have to be changed.

Management, cont.
Where will students work? In the classroom, in the resource center, in a computer lab, or other location?
The students can work in the classroom or will be able to access the server that the assignment will reside on from the library
How will you deal with student who need extra help?
Any questions or help will be dealt with during class time.
How will you deal with students who have special needs?
I do not anticipate a problem working with kids with special needs.

Support Services
What help will you need with computer hardware or with software, listservs, e-mail, the Internet, or other technology applications?
We will have to install "Inspiration" on our server to do this project.
What other help will you need, such as a special education teacher, to advise or assist you with special students?
What other needs do you have to ensure that this is a successful learning experience for students?
I believe this project should go well with the information described above.

Architectural CAD Drafting Research Paper - Longus
Follow this outline to set up your research paper. Make sure you cover all the main topics shown.

Contemporary American Architects
I. Frank Lloyd Wright
A. Who was he?
B. Why is he so important to modern architecture?
C. What is your opinion on the man and his work?
D. Pick (3) buildings to write about, following the internet links. Remember one of the buildings must be in Iowa.
1. Where is the building located. When was it built? What is the style or purpose of the building?
2. How did Wright incorporate it into the site?
3. Who commissioned the building, give some information about them?
4. What makes this building significant in your opinion?
E. Summary

Contemporary American Architects
I. Frank Lloyd Wright
A. Residences
1. Southwest
a. Taliesin West
2. Midwest
a. Taliesin
b. Iowa
(1) The Alsop House, Oskaloosa
(2) The Robert H. Sunday House, Marshalltown
(3) The Stockman House, Mason City
3. Chicagoland
a. Robie House
4. East
a. Falling Water
B. Commercial Buildings United States
1. Arizona Biltmore Hotel
2. R.W. Lindholm Service Station
3. Guggenheim Museum
4. S.C. Johnson Wax Building
C. Commercial Buildings Other Contries
1. The Imperial Hotel - JAPAN
D. Commercial Buildings in Iowa
1. Mason City National Bank
2. Park Inn Hotel, Mason City
Miscellaneous Thoughts