Grade: Senior
Subject: other

#1816. Ethnic Foods Exchange

other, level: Senior
Posted Fri Jun 23 10:06:03 PDT 2000 by Bonnie Holm and Edie McCaw ( ).
Aplington-Parkersburg H.S., Parkersburg, IA, USA
Materials Required: computer, cooking equipment, ICN
Activity Time: 6 days
Concepts Taught: Cultural diversity, equipment, communication, teamwork

Using the Internet to Enhance Student Learning: Final Project

Ethnic Foods Exchange (Chinese)

Subject Matter Emphasis and Level:

Ethnic Foods (Could be any country); Small Appliances High School Level

Brief Description of the lesson:

Cooperative groups will search the web for relevant information about a specific segment of an assigned country. Students will be looking at the following topics: geography and culture, types of foods, cooking utensils, and cooking techniques used. A presentation by each group will be set up with another district using the ICN. The groups will prepare ethnic food products.
To culminate the unit, a shared field trip will be arranged to an ethnic restaurant in the area.

Why Do This?

Standard: The student understands essential concepts about nutrition and diet.

This learning experience will help promote personal growth and increase awareness of cultural diversity.
This lesson is important to the student by increasing their global awareness, communication skills, teamwork, and knowledge of specific equipment.
The shared field trip will allow the students to meet the participants they worked with via the ICN.


Benchmark: The student knows how to plan, prepare and serve individual foods and meals.

The student role will be to search and evaluate Internet sites that pertain to their assigned topic. Each group will select information to use for a class presentation to be given over the ICN.
This lesson will involve learning in the following areas: Communication, Problem-Solving, Technology; Equipment Use, Lab Preparation and Sanitation.
Students need to be aware of lab procedures, computer knowledge and cooperative learning.
Some difficulties a student may encounter are understanding how to evaluate web pages and use of the ICN.
To help the students handle these difficulties a web page evaluation form will be provided. Instructions will also be given for the ICN link.


Assessment will occur throughout instruction by the use of web evaluations during their research, peer review during oral presentations, and a rubric for lab preparation, which will emphasize equipment use, sanitary procedures and final product. Final assessment will be done with a student self-evaluation.

Teaching Strategies

Teacher-facilitated and student-centered learning will allow mastery of content through cooperative learning and hands-on experience.
This lesson allows students to interact with the world by searching foreign food web sites and preparation of foreign food.
The student will retain content through hands-on activities, oral presentations and a field trip.
Cooperative learning will enable students to be responsible for their assigned part. This will encourage them to prepare their final presentation and lab product. Meeting face to face with their ICN audience and visiting a restaurant will be an incentive for their quality of work.

Materials and Resources

Books and Resources

Chinese Cooking Class Cookbook, Consumer Guide 1980, Publications International.
Kowtaluk, H., Foods for Today, 1998, Glenco/McGraw Hill.
Largen, V. and D. Bence, Guide to Good Food, 1996, Goodheart-Wilcox Company.
Ma, Nancy Chih, Mrs. Ma's Favorite Chinese Recipes, 1980, Kodansha International.
Pei-Mei, Fu, Pei Mei's Chinese Cook Book Volume I, 1974, Chinese Cooking Institute,
Taipei ROC.

Community Resources
Guest speaker, if available from community or restaurant
Visit ethnic restaurants

Technology Resources

"The China Experience: China Culture Index" Xindeco Business Information (2000)
"China Tour", Info Pacific Development (1998)
"Chinese Cooking" Read Internal Books (1998):
"The Cooking Techniques of Chinese" Xindeco Business Information (1999)
Hillmann, Bill and Sue-On, "Soo's Chinese References: Chinese Cuisine" (2000)
Hupfer, Suszanne, "Asia" (1997)
Rose, Tom and Joyce, "Cooking Together: Chinese Style" (2000)

ICN room
Web site evaluation sheet


Cooperative groups of three to four students will be assigned. Each group will draw for a segment of the assignment, do their research, compile and share their findings with others.
Each group will be working in the computer lab, ICN room and kitchen lab as well as the classroom.
Special needs students will be assigned a peer pal.

Support Services

Assistance may be needed with the use of the ICN room from the technology coordinator.