Grade: all
Subject: 4 Blocks

#1818. The Letters Are Lost

4 Blocks, level: all
Posted Sat Jun 24 15:24:57 PDT 2000 by Belinda Luxton (
Lincoln School, Mendota, Il USA
Materials Required: The Letters Are Lost by Lisa Campbell Ernst, alphabet blocks, flash cards, Hap Palmer volume #2,
Concepts Taught: Letter Identification

Letter Identification

State Goal Read with understanding and fluency. Apply word analysis skills (e.g.,
phonics, word patterns) to recognize new words.

Grade Level: Kindergarten - First Grade

Objective: Children will be able to match letters, identify letters, and put the letters in
alphabetical order.

Materials needed: The Letters Are Lost by Lisa Campbell Ernst
Alphabet blocks, flash cards, cassette tape, Hap Palmer volume #2,
letter cookies

Knowledge Needed: Children have been learning the letters of the alphabet
through singing and identifying letters in their names, on
charts, with flash cards, in books, and playing with
puzzles and games.

Procedure: 1. Hide alphabet blocks around the classroom. The first time they play make
sure the blocks are easy to find. The more times they play you can make it
harder to find the blocks.
2. Read The Letters Are Lost.
3. Discuss what happens at the beginning, middle, and end of the story.
4. Explain that just like in the story, our alphabet blocks are lost in our
classroom. Everyone in the room must help find the blocks. Children will
draw a flash card that will help them know which letter they need to find.
When they draw I will ask them what letter they have, if they need help I
will tell them the letter's name.
5. They will then look for the block that matches the flash card. After finding for
wait all the others to add their blocks to the sequence. wait all the others to
add their blocks to the sequence.
6. To the Hap Palmer song, Marching Around the Alphabet, children will
follow the lyrics' directions.

7. Teacher will hold a letter cookie bag and ask the children to guess what letter
they will draw from the bag. Next they will take the cookie from the bag and
see if their guess matches the cookie.

Evaluation: To assess children's ability to identify, match, and put letter in alphabetical order,
the following criteria is used:

· The child will verbally identify the letter on a flash card, on an alphabet block, and on a cookie

· The child will match a flash card letter with an alphabet block letter.

The child will put their block in alphabetical order.