Grade: Pre-School
Subject: Science

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#182. Animal Babies on the Farm

Science, level: Pre-School
Posted by Elizabeth A. Sloan (fundday @aol).
University of Memphis, Memphis, TN
Materials Required: Index cards, crayons, magazines, newspapers, glue, scissors, prepared flash cards, masking tape
Activity Time: One to two class periods
Concepts Taught: Recognition of Farm animals, their baby's, their baby's names and the noises they may make.

Lesson Title: Animal Babies on the Farm

Lesson Sequence: Sequential

Objectives: TLW:
-Be able to identify different farm animals.
-Be able to match match farm animal baby's to their parent(s).
-Be able to recognize more specific gender terminology for farm animals.

1. Prepare ten cards with the names (and, if possible, pictures) of the following animals that might be found on a farm. On the bavk of each card, write the name of that animals baby and the sound the animal makes. I.E. cow/calf moo, chiken/chick cluck, dog/puppy ruff, duck/duckling quack, goat/kid baa, lamb/sheep baa, pig/piglet oink, cat/kitten meow, goose/goosling honk, horse/foal heee.
2. Introduce the animals on the cards to the class.
3. Make a tick-tack-toe pattern on the floor with masking tape, chalk, etc... (if desired, you can use the chalk board and /or adapt as needed.
4. Divide the student's into group's of "X" and "O".
5. The teacher calls the name of a parent animal for the teams.
6. The student's must correctly name the offspring that correspond's with the teacher's animal.(This will be done individually and in turn.)
7. If the student answers correctly, he/she takes a place in a box on the board.
8. The first team to make a line of three wins.
9. The team that wins make's all of their animal noises at once.
10. Games continue until all students have had a chance to go.

1. TTW: introduce the children to more specific gender terminology for the farm animals.
2. TSW: make flash cards using pictures of the animals and the gender term. I.E. mare,
stallion, ewe, ram, gander, hen, rooster, bull, sow...
3. Once students have made their flash cards they can flash cards with a partner.

Materials: Index cards, crayons, magazines, newspapers, glue, scissors, prepared flash cards, masking tape/chalk, signs identifying team "X" & "O"