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#1822. Even and Odd Cheer

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Posted Tue Jun 27 15:04:10 PDT 2000 by Cynthia M. Tatsch (
North Charleston Elementary, North Charleston, SC ,USA
Materials Required: None
Activity Time: Math
Concepts Taught: Even and Odd Numbers

This is a cheer that I created, and used to teach even and odd numbers to first-third grade students. My students made up a rap to go with the lyrics, and we taped it. That was one of their favorite tapes to listen to. It also helps to have the cheer written on the board or chart paper for the students to refer back to.

The Even and Odd Cheer

Zero, two, four, six, eight...
We think even is really great!

One, three, five, seven, nine...
Are you odd like Frankenstein?

Is it odd, or is it even?
Look in the one's place simple Stephen!

No matter how big, no matter how small...
The number in the one's place tells it all!