Grade: Elementary
Subject: Mathematics

#1823. Counting skills through manipulative skills

Mathematics, level: Elementary
Posted Tue Jun 27 17:13:22 PDT 2000 by Lesley Montgomery (, Morehead, Ky
Materials Required: balloons, assessment books, counting book
Activity Time: 20 minutes
Concepts Taught: counting 1-10 with integrated P.E.

I. Title of Lesson Plan: Counting skills through manipulative skills.
II. Objectives: The goal of this lesson plan is to improve counting skills as well as their recognition of the numbers through the use manipulative skills.
III. Connections: Pl-E-2.1.2 there are fundamental manipulative skills (eg., hitting, kicking, throwing, trapping, striking.
6.2 Use what they already know to acquire new knowledge, develop new skills, or new interpretations.
6.3 Expand understanding of existing knowledge by making connection new knowledge
Through the use of their knowledge of the numbers, basic counting concepts and
manipulative skills, the students can meet the specified goals.
IV. Materials/Technology:
a. Concrete Materials: Balloons and oversized books for assessment.
b. Print Materials: Copy of lesson plan to regular ed. Teacher.
c. Technology: None
V. Active Learning Procedure: The first activity we do is to let the students practice their counting skills by striking the balloon a designated amount of times. Students choose what body part they want to use. The second activity is to take the game to the next level by designating a specific number of strikes and a specific body part to be used. The third activity is for the students to choose partners and using the same rules, students take turns striking the balloon until they have reached the number. In all three physical activities they will be counting numbers aloud. The books are to review the students of the numbers that we have been doing a thematic unit that week in class.
A. Trigger Prior Knowledge: Teacher helps students connect present activity to past experiences and information children may know absolute counting and striking.
B. Action of students:
1. Students will listen to the story One White, Sail.
2. Students will do first balloon activity.
3. Students will do modified first activity with balloon and counting.
4. Students will do third balloon activity with a partner.
5. Students will be assessed with activity books.
C. Strategies for individual needs: This activity is for all different ability levels. Each will be assessed on attempt and participation as well as completion.