Grade: Senior

#1829. The Middle East

Social Studies, level: Senior
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Indiana University of Pennsylvania (student), Indiana,Indiana
Materials Required: Internet access, projector, video cassette player, access to library
Activity Time: A Span of 1 week with 40 minute classes
Concepts Taught: Governments, military, people, economics, and geography of Middle East countries


The purpose of this activity is to act as an introduction to the countries within the
Middle East. The students will each be specialized on one country in the area.
They will be expected to add their input in any class that later discusses their
individual country. They will know a great deal about that countries government,
military, economy, geography, and people.


Following the successful completion of the introductory activity on the Middle
East, 12th graders will be able to explain the different Middle East countries and
their relationships with each other, with 100% accuracy.

On a more specific level, the students will be able to:

Identify the differences and similarities of the economies in the Middle East
Understand how the governments of the Middle East relate with each other
Show how the people and the military differ from each other in the Middle East
Draw and label the Middle East countries and their capitals

Activity 1

Explain to the students that the countries in the Middle East differ in many ways
and that these differences have caused many hardships in the Middle East area.

Break the students into five different groups assigning each of the groups a
country within the Middle East. Tell the groups that there are five different areas
of the country that they should focus on. These five areas (economy,
government, military, people, and geography) should be research on the web site, The students can also find
additional information through the school library and other web sites.

Explain to the students that their groups have a week to work together to form a
presentation of their Middle East country.

Activity 2

After all presentations have been made, one class can be dedicated to a debate in
which each group explains why their country should be considered the best to live


Allow the students to grade each others presentations based on whether or not
they followed the assignment, organization, and an understanding of their Middle
East country.