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#1833. The Four P's of Marketing

other, level: Senior
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Materials Required: Teacher's computer, Digial Projection Unit
Activity Time: 45 minutes
Concepts Taught: Learning how product, price, place and promotion play key roles in the marketing mix.


Topic: The Four P's of Marketing

Resources: Teacher's computer, Digital Projection Unit


The four P's of marketing are the central basis of what marketing is all about. They are more commmonly referred to as the
marketing mix. the emphasis of this lesson is to set a firm foundation for all future marketing skills and lessons.

Analysis of Learner Characteristics

Demographic Characteristics

There are 30 students in the class, 18 boys and 12 girls. They are all of at least junior status in high school. The students have
all grown up in the school district or a similar suburb. Of the class, 30% are of minority status(excluding women).

The school is located 15 miles east of Pittsburgh in a suburb. The high school is considered large and is of the AAAA
classification. The students live in housing ranging from what would be consisdered upper middle class to upper lower class.
There are numerous single parent homes. The town itself has over 35,000 residents, and is a business "hub." Members of the
surrounding communities travel there to shop and eat at their favorite chains.

Topic-Specific Characterisitcs

The class is of average intelligence and can read at an 11th grade level. They are attentive and write very well. Their
vocabulary is sufficient for their grade level. They also have above average skills in math and factual concepts. They have not
previously had a course in business marketing. Therefore, they have little, if any, background on the vocabulary used in the
course. They do, however, express a great deal of interest in the subject, since it is an elective.

Since this is a college preparation course, many of the students look to it for a solid base as a business major. Many of their
parents are involved in business in the Pittsburgh area.

The students were encstudents are verbally inclined, therefore, they are good with factual test taking. Students were
encouraged to take the class if their verbal skills were above average, and if their interest in business was great. Since it is an
elective, most of the students fit the mold.

Behavioral Objective

Following a power point lecture on the Four P's of Marketing, 11th and 12th grade students will be able to answer quiz
questions on the components of each P, getting at least 18 out of 20 correct.

More specifically Learners will be able to:
-Identify certain qualities about each P.
-Name a P after hearing a description of it
-Realize that each P has an equal role in the marketing mix.

Lesson Activities

5 Min
Teacher-- Brief Overview of 4 components
Student-- Take Notes
2 Min
Teacher-- show logos---ask for student recognition
Students-- Respond to best of ability of what logos
are representative of.
8 Min
Teacher-- Lecture on First P--Product
Students-- Take notes
2 Min
Teacher-- Ask about prices of certain
Students-- Recall prices to best of knowledge of
products asked about.
8 Min
Teacher-- Discuss second P--Price strategies
Stuents-- Take Notes.
2 Min
Teacher-- Ask where things are made, and how
they are distributed.
Studnets-- Respond to best of ability the answers to
"place" questions.
8 Min
Teacher-- Lecture on P #3, Place. Touch on
logisitcs, factories, and warehousing.
Students-- Take Notes.
2 Min
Teacher-- Ask for recognition of famous slogans,
or commercials.
Students-- Recall commmercials or famous sayings
about products
7 Min
Teacher-- Lecture on promotions and advertising.
Students-- Take notes.

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