Grade: Elementary

#1865. Name and Word Scrabble!!

Building Blocks, level: Elementary
Posted Sat Jul 22 03:54:19 PDT 2000 by Laura/K/TX ().
Scramble free font (Scrabble type letter fonts)
Materials Required: SRABBLE game or free font called Scramble to make playing pieces or worksheets
Activity Time: varies with interest
Concepts Taught: Language/Math money/word wall/learning names

This lesson can be adapted to fit many areas. I would use this near the end of Kindergarten when the children are familiar with addition, names of classmates, word wall words and basics about money. This lesson can be adapted to fit a whole group lesson, small groups or centers.
1. Download the free font called Scramble (scrabble type the gameboard)or have available the Scrabble gameboard and letter tiles.
2. Make name cards for the students in your class, words from the word wall, environmental print... and others that you think of using the Scramble font.
3. Demonstrate how you would find the value of the words using your name. Using unifix cubes or other small counters, have the child place the correct number of cubes to form a "Value" chain. Place the chain next to the word card. Do this for several word cards and compare and contrast the values. You could even have tasks for the activity by asking questions like:
A. What is the total value of the vowels in your name?
B. What is the total value of the consonants in your name?
C. Draw three word cards and put them in order from least to greatest.
D. Which name card has the fewest?..Greatest? Same number?
E. Can you find a word with a 10 as its' value?

For name is the 'scramble' font my letter values are:
If you add the tiles up, the value of my name is 5.
4. An extension could be to pretend the number values on the tiles are money much would a certain word cost? Make a challenge out of it and try to find words or names that are a certain value.
The possibilities are just about endless.