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#1868. Name Corner

Building Blocks, level: all
Posted Mon Jul 24 16:01:03 PDT 2000 by Kendra Michaud (
Huebner Elementary School, San Antonio, Texas

Name Corner

Purpose: To develop phonemic awareness

chart with the children's names and pictures
pocket chart
basket with children's first names on sentence strips
pictures of each child
magnetic letters
hanging shoe bags
assorted paper
crayons, pencils,markers
index cards
resealable bags

Teacher Preparation:
1. Use index cards to label the pockets of shoe bags (letters, numbers, etc..)
2. Hang a name/picture chart on wall
3. Hang a pocket chart down low
4. Create a basket of the children's names written on sentence strips. You may want to put a strip of magnetic tape on the back of the name

-Children can match the name with child's picture at a pocket chart
-Names can be sorted into the pockets of hanging shoe bags or at a pocket chart (Sort for beginning letters, number of letters, boys/girls, letters in the beginning, middle, end)
-Provide magnetic letters for name making. Children use the name cards and make the names using the magnetic letters. The students may copy the names using writing materials
-Create sign-in charts. The children can sign in under the appropriate column. For example
-How many letters are in your name?
-My eyes are.
-My favorite color is
-Make name puzzles using index cards