Grade: Elementary
Subject: Science

#187. Does Static Electricity Affect Water Flow?

Science, level: Elementary
Posted by Virginia Ferguson (vfergusn @
Univ. of Memphis, Memphis, United States
Materials Required: Comb, Water,and Pieces of Paper
Activity Time: 20 mins
Concepts Taught: Learn about statis electricity.

TLW understand some basic concepts about static electricity.
TlW understand positive and negative charges by doing a experiment.

Instructional Sequence:

1. Ask the class these questions before you begin the experiment:
a. What will happen if I comb my hair, then wave it over a piece of paper?
b. What will happen if I comb my hair, then wave it near a stream of water?
c. What causes the items to move away from or towards the comb?

2. First, get small pieces of tissue paper and lay it on the table. Then
let the students comb their hair quickly and put the comb over the tissue

3. Next, get a small stream of water. Let the students comb theirn hair quickly again.
This time put the comb next to the stream of water.

4. When the students comb their hair it transfers a negative charge to the comb. When the
is put near the water, the water will bend because of the negative and positive charges.
When the comb is placed near the pieces of paper, the paper will jump up at the comb because
the static electricity is caused by the rubbing the electrons of atoms of one material and
causing them to move towards other materials that have fewer electrons closer to them


Students should be asked to write a paragraph explaining negative and positive charges.


Check for understanding by asking questions.

Give the students a chance to ask questions.