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Grade: Middle

#1877. Presidential Campaign

Reading/Writing, level: Middle
Posted Mon Jul 31 20:11:05 PDT 2000 by Shelly Greenwood (
Moore Middle School, Arvada, CO, USA
Materials Required: Library and/or computer time
Activity Time: 1-2 weeks to complete project
Concepts Taught: Research, Writing, Oral Skills

Since it is an election year. I am going to have my students research a past president. (I might let them work in pairs or small groups.) They will research issues of that time period as well as where that president stood on these issues.
Students will then develop a campaign for that president. They can create posters, buttons, etc. They will then each give an oral presentation which will include a 2-3 minute campaign speech.
Students can dress as that president if they wish.

I haven't actually done this lesson yet, but I think that my students will enjoy it. (I hope!)