Grade: Elementary
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#1878. Bag A Student

, level: Elementary
Posted Mon Jul 31 20:22:09 PDT 2000 by Pam/GA/1 (
Brimarsh Academy, Roswell, GA
Materials Required: 1 brown paper grocery bag for each student, assorted paper and yarn scraps, buttons, wallpaper, etc.
Activity Time: 3 hours
Concepts Taught: Beginning of the year introduction

Each child takes home a paper bag and scraps to decorate the paper bag to look like the student. They can attach yarn hair, add legs and arm pieces,etc. Inside the bag they put three items that tell about them (A trophy from a baseball team, a postcard from a vacation, ballet slippers) Each child has a turn to show and tell the items on the Friday of the first week of school. I let them take home the three items but I keep the bag. Then each week when we get a new student of the week I get out the bag made by that student. On Friday morning each child writes a short and kind note to the student and places it in the bag. We discuss what kinds of things are appropriate for the note and I model a note for them. Of course I add a note for each child, too. At lunch time I look over each note to be sure all of them are appropriate and then send the bag home with the child as a special reminder of their week as the classroom star.