Grade: all

#1879. Read with Music

Reading/Writing, level: all
Posted Tue Aug 1 17:20:31 PDT 2000 by Bridget Elias (
Avon Lake High School, Avon Lake, Ohio (USA)
Materials Required: Cassettes or CD's with their song lyrics
Activity Time: 5 minutes and up
Concepts Taught: Vocabulary, Sequencing, Recalling Facts, Critical Thinking

I. You need to select popular music for your
student age group. It helps to have lyrics
already in the CD or cassette.

II. Find vocabulary in the lyrics that your
students would find difficult.

III. Have students define vocab. using context
clues and then look it up in the dictionary
to see if they are correct.

IV. Have students answer questions about the
song--factual and inferred.

V. You can have students sequence within many

VI. You can have students predict in various
parts of songs often beginning with the

VII. You can have students write their own
questions regarding the song.

VIII. You can introduce poetry techniques.

IX. You can correct grammar.

X. I usually end my questioning with asking
the student to apply the song to himself.

Note: It's easy to get students to bring in songs with song lyrics since they want to hear their music or you can offer extra credit.

Take any of my ideas and impose your own creativity. Good luck and have fun!