Grade: Elementary
Subject: Music

#1882. Music Building Blocks

Music, level: Elementary
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American Piano Schools
American Piano Schools, Metro Denver
Materials Required: Rhythm Band kit (inst. for each kid, trade and share)
Activity Time: 30-45 min
Concepts Taught: Music is taught as a foundation for pre-school and elem. kids

Goal to reinforce practical academics using the elements of music for the purpose of reinforcing regular classroom curriculi.
Reinforce: social interaction, motor skill, eye hand, cognative problem solving.
1) Count out the beat, all together, get on beat and then count out loud.
2) With teacher on piano or guitar, set up a beat for playing all together, get on the beat.
3) Based on 2, sing a song, teach the words, stay on beat, sing along.
4 Learn several songs, form a line, march along and sing, stop at several places to sing another song, continue, finished, pick up, have treats.
50 Do it again, try it it, work in colors, words reading, working together ... have fun!