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#1884. Gift Ideas for Teachers

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Posted Sun Sep 3 20:03:54 PDT 2000 by Bev Forsling ().
Davis School Dist, West Point, Davis County

I just read the list of teacher gift ideas you posted - it's terrific! I'm hoping you'll consider posting it in Thanks very much!

Director of Promotions
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Here you go - hope the ideas are helpful:


1. Flowers- If teachers were flowers, I'd pick you. Thanks for all you do!
2. Cinnamon Bears- I can't bear to think what school would be like without you. You're a great teacher!
3. Candle and matches- No one "matches" you as a teacher! You're a "strike" above the rest!
4. Plant- Thanks for helping our students grow! We appreciate all you do!
5. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups- There are many "reeses" why I think you're a great teacher!
6. Ice Cream and Scoop- Here's the "scoop"..... you're the best teacher around!
7. Nutter Butter Cookies- There's "Nutter Butter" teacher around! You're just the best!
8. Book- I'll "book" you as my teacher any day!
9. Four Leaf Clover Plant- I sure am "Lucky" to have you as my teacher!
10. Berry Pie or Jam- You're the "berry" best teacher around! Thanks for always being there.
11. CD or Tape- Just a "note" to let you know you're the best teacher!! Thanks for all you do!
12. Movie Tickets- These tickets are to "show" how much we appreciate all you do! You're a great teacher!!
13. Creme pie- When it comes to teachers.... you're the "creme" of the crop!
14. Donuts- "Donut" you know you're the best teacher around! Thanks for all you do!
15. Apples and Hershey's Hugs- Teachers can't live by "apples" alone... they need "hugs" too!
16. Notepad- To a "noteworthy" teacher.
17. Warm loaf of bread- Teachers "warm" the heart.
18. Mounds- Thanks for your "Mounds" of patience. Teachers don't come any better than you! Or You're a great teacher and "Mounds" of fun too!
19. M & Ms You're a "magnificent" and "marvelous" teacher! Thanks for all you do!
20. Chips and salsa- You're one "Hot" teacher!
21. Lifesavers- You are a real "Lifesaver" teacher! Thanks for all you do!
22. Grater and cheese- To a "grate" teacher!
23. Banana bread- If I could choose my teacher and I searched the whole world through, I'd simply go "bananas" trying to find a better teacher than you! You're the best of the bunch!
24. Apples- If teachers were like apples I'd pick you!
25. Orange sticks- I'll "stick" with you for my teacher.
26. Extra gum- You always go the "extra" mile. We appreciate all you do for our students!
27. Yard stick- No one measures up to you when it comes to teaching! You're simply the best! or "Yards" of thanks to you teacher for a job well done.
28. Hand lotion - A life richly blessed is one touched by a teacher like you!
29. Nuts - I'm nuts about you as a teacher!
30. Soft batch cookies - I have a "soft' spot for you, Teacher! Thanks for all you do!
31. U-No - "U-No" we think a lot of you. You're a great teacher!
32. Mints - You "mint" alot to me! You're the best teacher!
33. Carrot cake - I really "carrot" a lot about you! Thanks for all you do for me. I really appreciate it!
34. Soup Mix. You're a "souper" teacher! I couldn't ask for
any better!
35. Hot cocoa mix. Teacher you "warm" my heart.
36. 7-Up or Sprite. Teacher you make my day "sparkle."
37. Gum. By "gum" you're a great teacher!
38. Gummi dinosaurs. You're a "dino-mite" teacher.
39. Rocky Road. Teachers like you make the "Rocky Road" smooth. Thanks for all you do!
40. Watermelon Jolly Ranchers. Teacher.... you're one in a "Melon"
41. Broom. You're "dust" the best teacher around! Thanks for all you do!
42. Heart. Teacher..... you have a special place in my "heart"!
43. Special Treat. Teachers come and teachers go but you're the best I'll ever know! Thanks for always being there!
44. Hershey's Hugs and Kisses. Hugs and kisses, stars for make me reach for the stars! Thanks for all your help!!!
45. Swedish Fish. Teacher...I'm "hooked" on you! You're the best teacher around!
46. Cup of Gold Bar You win the "gold" medal in my book! You're the best teacher anyone could ask for.
47. Amazin Fruits You're amazing when it comes to teaching! You're the best!
48. Ice cream. Here's the scoop teacher: We think you're super!
49. Container of smarties- Any way you spell it teacher we think you're a smartie!
50. Pears- You and teaching make a perfect pear!
51. A large ruler (can be personalized with teacher's name) You measure up with us teacher!
52. Bag of seeds The seeds you plant will last a lifetime!
53. Reese's Pieces or a puzzle We just go to "pieces" expressing our gratitude for you teacher!
54. New box of pens or pencils You have all the "write" stuff teacher!
55. Jar of jam or strawberry tarts To a berry good teacher.
56. Plate of donuts "Donut" feel terrific when Friday is over?
57. Basket of bananas, oranges and apples You make learning a-peeling.