Grade: Pre-School
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#1885. Leprechaun Pudding

, level: Pre-School
Posted Sat Aug 5 14:09:23 PDT 2000 by Charlicia Johnson (
Lindsey Headstart Center, Brookhaven, Mississippi
Materials Required: zip loc bags plstic spoons pistaccio pudding(instant) milk shaving creme green food coloring
Activity Time: 30 minutes
Concepts Taught: St. Patrick's Day/ The color GREEN

For St.Patrick's Day we use the holdiday to emphasize the color green. Take inexpensive shaving creme and squirt some on the tables before each child. Then add about 3 drops of green food coloring to the shaving creme. Allow the children to swirl their hands in the creme until it all turns the color green. It is a very easy clean up activity also.
On St. Patrick's Day allow your little Leprechauns to create their favorite desert, Leprechaun Pudding. Give each child a zip lock bag. Place about 2 TBS of pudding mix into the bags. Pour milk into each bag and seal. Let the children roll, spin, press, and play with the sealed bags until the pudding is mixed. Give each child a plastic spoon to enjoy their own created treat.