Grade: all
Subject: Phys Ed

#1888. Tennis Backhand

Phys Ed, level: all
Posted Thu Nov 9 06:46:13 PST 2000 by Rebecca Dincher (
Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana
Materials Required: rackets, tennis balls, tennis courts
Activity Time: approximately 37 minutes
Concepts Taught: Students will learn the backhand for use in a tennis match

By: Rebecca Dincher

Facility: outside- tennis courts
inside- gymnasium with nets set up accordingly
Equipment: tennis racquet
nets for inside tennis courts
Activity: backhand
Class size: twelve students
Sources of information: Sports and Recreational Activities Twelfth Edition

WARM UP (approximately 7 minutes):
The students will complete two full laps around the gymnasium or tennis courts followed with various stretches for muscles such as the deltoids, latts, biceps, triceps, hamstrings, quads, etc.

PREASSESSMENT TECHNIQUES (approximately 5 minutes):
Before giving instructions on the proper technique, I will have the students play a game of mini tennis to see what they all ready know about hitting a backhand. This will allow me to observe form and technique to identify problem areas.
Rules for mini tennis: Mini tennis is played the same way as regular tennis except the boundaries are between the service lines and the alleys are not used. This game is used for control over the ball and accuracy on where to place the ball without worrying about speed which could interfere with learning control.

The students will be able to complete a proper backhand stroke successfully without feeling frustrated or confused. The students will learn the steps involving the backhand and think about them as they execute the backhand stroke in a game. Overall, the students will have the knowledge, self- confidence, and technique to complete the backhand stroke successfully 7 out of 10 times during a game.

Time and learning experiences (total time- approximately 37 min.):
Warm up- approximately 7 minutes
Preassessment (mini tennis)- approximately 5 minutes
Teaching the proper technique- approximately 5 minutes
Start in ready position, turn body towards the ball as the racket is placed in back-swing position with both hands on it. Then, swing racket towards the ball as weight is shifted towards the front foot. Simply follow through to end the stroke.
Re-playing mini tennis using the proper technique- approximately 5 min.
Moving to the baseline and playing doubles- approximately 8 min.
Cool down and putting equipment back in place- approximately 7 min.

Extension: The students will be continuing their knowledge of keeping score, the
rules of the game, and the forehand, which were previously taught.
Refinement: The students will receive a chance to improve their backhand stroke
in mini tennis after learning the proper technique. Then the students
will play a game of doubles to greatly improve the newly learned
Application: The students will put the backhand stroke to use in a game of

The students will feel motivated by playing a game of doubles after learning the right way to execute a backhand.

1. Proper use and handling of the racquet
2. Proper warm up techniques
3. Looking both ways while walking to the tennis courts
4. No tennis balls left on the courts while playing a game