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#1889. Dyslexia

other, level: Elementary
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Materials Required: Worksheets of various activities, keyboard, sheet music
Activity Time: 20 minutes
Concepts Taught: Every person has strengths and weaknesses.

A. Introduction and Motivation

Teacher shows sheet music to class and asks if anyone can play it on the keyboard. Students are encouraged to try reading the music.

After several students have had a chance to play the keyboard, the teacher plays the music for the students. Teacher explains that to play the music, someone must know what all the notes mean and what keys to push on the keyboard.

B. Lesson Body

Teacher explains that everyone can do some tasks really well, but cannot do other tasks easily. Some of these things require practice, like playing the piano. We are going to fill out a worksheet of different things people do that may require teaching, practice, or help from other people.

Teacher distributes worksheets of several activities. Teacher examines each activity with students. Students put a plus sign next to the picture if it is something they can do well. Have students draw arrows pointing up next to pictures of activities they could do better in with more teaching, practice, or help. Students help determine if each activity requires teaching, practice, and/or help from other people. Also, have the students create scenarios that would require extra help for each. For example, have students indicate disabilities, such as blindness that would impair a person's ability to ride a bicycle. Indicate that other, simpler problems may cause disabilities, such as not being able to see near or far, or lack of balance can cause problems riding a bike.

When the last picture is reached, go through the same procedures. Explain that not being able to read is like not being able to ride a bike, play the piano or play tennis. Some people have a hard time learning how to read, but they are just like everyone else. They have special things they can do well just like everyone else. Someone who cannot read very well may be very good at math or playing music.

Explain that people who cannot read well may need extra time to finish reading books or papers. They may need to go to special rooms to work with teachers who know how to help children learn to read, just like piano students go to piano lessons with a piano teacher.

C. Conclusion

Everyone can do some things well, but has problems with other things. Problems with some classes are very common. Students who cannot do math problems, or have trouble reading are the same as everyone else, they just need special help with those things. That help is just like being taught how to ride a bicycle, color by number, read music, hold a tennis racket, or roller blade.