Grade: Pre-School
Subject: other

#1890. What am I feeling?

other, level: Pre-School
Posted Tue Aug 8 07:40:04 PDT 2000 by Casey Miksa (
Casey Miksa
Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana
Materials Required: computer, crayons, felt paper, markers, vcr, and books
Activity Time: 3 hours
Concepts Taught: emotions and how to deal with them

Teachers Activities
Learners Activities
10 minutes
Read the story "Blues
Sad Day"
Listen to the story
20 minutes
Play different types of
music and prompt
children to tell how that
type of music made them
Listen to the music and
tell the teacher how the
music made them feel:
happy, sad, etc.
15 minutes
In small groups the
teachers and aides will
have flash cards and ask
the children what the
expression is and how
does it make them feel
Answer what the
expression is and what
emotion it expresses
45 minutes
The teacher step by step
show the children how to
make a puppet version of
The children will watch
the teacher and follow
the directions that the
teacher tells them and
make their puppets.
25 minutes
The teacher will instruct
the children on how to
recite a poem and sing a
few songs about feelings.
The children will recite
the poem and sing a long
with the songs.
15 minutes
The teacher will have a
power point slide on
The children will answer
and/or ask questions they
have about feelings and
share a story about one
of the emotions that were
10 minutes
Insert video "Feelings"
Watch the video
30 minutes