Grade: Elementary
Subject: Language

#1891. el tiempo y las estaciones

Language, level: Elementary
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Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, United States
Materials Required: chalkboard, flashcards, markers, chalk, posterboard
Activity Time: 45 minutes
Concepts Taught: vocabulary, weather, seasons

El tiempo y las estaciones

Vocabulary: el tiempo; Hace buen/mal tiempo, Hace calor y sol/frio y fresco, la lluvia, la nieve, esta nublado, una tormenta, los relampagos, el arco iris, los copos de nieve, las estaciones: la primavera, el verano, el ontono, el invierno

I. Lesson Objectives
The learner will:
A. Identify weather terms associated with the four seasons.
B. Participate in a game "What is the Weather" using weather vocabulary to describe a season.

II. Procedures

A. Motivation/Stimulation
Teacher will begin lesson by asking students a series of questions related to the weather. Such as: What is the weather like today? Do you like this type of weather? What is your favorite season?

B. The four seasons will be introduced using flashcards. The teacher will also describe many weather terms related to each season. These terms will be reviewed with either/or and yes/no questions.

C. Each student will receive a slip of paper with a season on it. The teacher will draw a box on the board. Students will be instructed one at a time to go to the board and draw characteristics of the season they received. Students seated may guess which season is being described by raising their hand and being called on by the classmate drawing.

III. Closure
The teacher will present a poster with various pairs of vocabulary arranged for matching practice, so that one member appears in the left-hand column and the other member on the right.