Grade: Middle
Subject: Science

#1894. Metric Measures

Science, level: Middle
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Materials Required: refer to lesson
Activity Time: 45 minutes
Concepts Taught: measurement

Metric Measures
Grade 6

Lesson Rationale: Students will learn the basic functions of the metric system, who uses the metric system, and why they use the metric system. They will also learn the different conversions from the English measurement system to metric and conversion to different metric units. The metric system is important to learn because the majority of the rest of the world uses the metric system, and it a much easier way of measurement.

Lesson Objective: After a lecture, using a powerpoint slide show, and a class activity on the metric system, students will be able to state who uses the metric system, why it is used, make basic measurements, and do basic metric conversions, with 100% accuracy.

Lesson Initiative:
Call on two students to come to the front of the room. Have one student give you the room temperature in Fahrenheit. Have the other student give you the temperature in Celsius. Explain that Celsius is the measurement that most of the world goes by.

Instructional process:
Materials: computer
Powerpoint presentation
Meter sticks
Graduated cylinders

-Show the Powerpoint presentation
-Have students find different objects around the room to measure with the English system and the Metric system.
-Have a class discussion on what the class thinks on the world going metric.

-Have students find household items that night to measure, using the metric system.

Lesson Summary
Ask the class why they think the metric system is a better system of measurement.

Lesson Evaluation
Students will complete a worksheet, converting metric to metric, metric to English, and English to metric. The students will also write an essay on who uses the metric system and why. The teacher will use a standard rubric for evaluation.