Grade: Middle
Subject: Language

#1895. Word Jeopardy

Language, level: Middle
Posted Thu Nov 9 08:17:51 PST 2000 by Bob McMeans (
Corrigan-Camden ISD, Corrigan,TX, Polk County, USA 75939
Materials Required: One dictionary
Activity Time: As needed
Concepts Taught: Vocabulary

Name of activity: Word Jeopardy

Instructions: Divide class of students into four groups. Within each group is a student secretary.
The secretary writes the alphabet A - Z.

When it is a group's turn, the group is allowed to choose one letter of the alphabet. Once a letter is chosen, it is marked out. Game continues until time permits or until all of the letters are marked off the list.

A letter is chosen when the group agrees what letter they want to announce to the teacher. Once the letter is announced, the teacher opens the dictionary to the section of that letter. Using a random method, the teacher reads the definition of a word. The students in the group answer with a question.

For example, let's say the letter "C" is called out. Let's pretend that the definition reads "an animal kept as a pet." The group would have ten seconds to discuss and respond. Then the group or a spokesman for the group would respond by stating the answer as a quesiton: What is a cat?

In this case, the group would be correct. The recorder of the group would record one point.

However if the group asks the incorrect question,
the other groups have a chance at the correct response. If the challenger is correct, the challenger gets the point. If none of the groups,
can give the correct response, then the group that was incorrect gets another chance.

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