Grade: Middle

#1898. Prepositions Song

Reading/Writing, level: Middle
Posted Wed Aug 9 06:36:18 PDT 2000 by Anne Moran (
Ursuline Academy, Wilmington, DE
Materials Required: Handout of song
Activity Time: 5-10 minutes each day for one week
Concepts Taught: Memorize Prepositions to Improve Writing

Prepositions Song
*Note: This song was created by my students and myself. Proper credit should be given to my very creative students!

1. As a mini-lesson in our writer's workshop, prepositions are introduced. Students will be expected to memorize the following list of prepositions and encouraged to use them in their writing.

2. In order to memorize them, the students will be given the opportunity to learn the following song. It is sung to the tune of "Battle Hymn Republic."
(Mine eyes have seen the glory. . .) Read downward by columns.


(Glory, glory, halleluiah. . .) Read downward by columns.


(Second Verse-Glory, glory, halleluia. . .)

Prepositions come in phrases.
The phrases always end in objects.
Prepositions never work alone,
or they're called adverbs!
We sing the song during class daily to practice. Students are encouraged to see that the prepositions are listed in alphabetical order to assist them in their memorization goal.

Note on Assessment: I give a quiz on the memorization of the prepositions in about one week. I just have the students write them on a clean sheet of paper. Usually, as they do this, I see them singing the song in their heads as they write them! I also keep track of the students' use of prepositions in their own writing.