Grade: Senior
Subject: History

#1902. Pearl Harbor

History, level: Senior
Posted Wed Aug 9 08:02:12 PDT 2000 by Kevin Weaver (
IUP, Indiana PA
Materials Required: computer, overhead
Activity Time: 45
Concepts Taught: To show the mistakes made by the U.S.

5 minutes video of attack on Pearl Harbor.
10 minutes discussion of Japanese expansion into Asia. Focusing on Japan's industrial needs, Hull's ultimatum, and the open door to China.
5 minutes video clip of Franklin Roosevelt's speech a day that will live in infamy.
10 minutes discussion of the cost of the attack on Pearl Harbor if the U.S. should have known and the cost to the U.S. and Japan.
10 minutes have students prepare questions and ask them of each other then collect the question and go over them as a class.
5 minute power point review of the class