Grade: Middle
Subject: Health

#1905. Human Anatomy

Health, level: Middle
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Materials Required: Power Point, Skeleton
Activity Time: 30 minutes
Concepts Taught: Human Support System and Nervous System

1. Analysis of Learner Characteristic

a.) Class Description:
-This class is an extensive anatomy course that students are
to gain the competencies in selection, evaluation, and utilization of
various anatomical structures.

b.) Methodology:
-A combination of lecture, discussion, demonstration and hands-on
will be employed. Having access to the internet will be awarded in
this class.

c.) Equipment:
- CPU with Microsoft Power Point
- Pointer or lazier
- Screen
- Skeleton
- Rubber stretch bands

d.) Stage:
- Class room or auditorium.
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2. Behavioral Objectives:

-The students will be able to understand how the bones serve as protection for
organs in the body.

-The student will be able to recognize some of the bone structure that protect
certain organs.

-The students will be able to comprehend the different structure and functions
of support tissue interconnectivly.

-The student will be able to identify some of the bodies major joints and
particularly the shoulder and what ligaments supports it.

-The students will be able to understand the two hemisphere parts of the brain
and its function with the body. Also, being able comprehend functions of the
spinal cord.

-The students are able to have contact use of a computer with the internet.

-The students will be able to stretch the rubber bands to show that they know
where a certain muscle and ligaments are in the body.

Lesson Plan

3 minute Handout of today's class objective. Prepare for lesson; describe what the
students needs to know according to
the objectives

17 minute CPU for Power Point presentation. Implement the use of skeleton.
Lecture and discussion on support
system and nervous system (brain,
spinal cord)

8 minutes Skeleton and rubber stretch bands. Students to participate in knowing
where certain muscles and ligaments
are on the skeleton.

2 minutes Handout of web sites. Work to be done outside of class for

These web site are to be reviewed for the next class. Pay particular attention to the structure and
function of the brain and spinal column because we are starting the nervous system.
This site will introduce you to the brain and its structure and function.
1. Click on "About the Brain"
2. Read "The Human Brain" then, read about the "Cerebrum".
This site will introduce you to the spinal cord structure and function.
1. Read this page.
1. This site will talk to you about autonomic nervous system.
1. Read this site...Notice two components of the nervous system.
2. Then click on this site to see the
effects of nicotine has on the body