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#1909. The Research Paper - Searching for a Subject

Reading/Writing, level: Senior
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Steps to the Research Paper
Pecan Island High School, Kaplan, Louisiana / Vermilion Parish
Materials Required: Index cards, word processor
Activity Time: 30 / 40 minutes
Concepts Taught: Limiting the topic/subject for a research paper

Technology-Connected Lesson Plan

Greg Meaux
Title: The Research Paper - Searching for a Subject

Grade Levels: 11-12th

Curriculum Areas: English Literature/Language Arts

Learning Objectives:
The student will research a web site to look for potential topics/subjects for a research paper
The student will understand preliminary steps to planning and writing a research project
The student will determine suitability of subjects for research
The student will develop a narrowed prioritized subject list on an index card (3X5) using word processing program

Louisiana Framework:
ELA 2 H 3 Applying the steps of the writing process, emphasizing revising and editing in final drafts
ELA 5 H 1 Recognizing and using organizational features of printed text, other media, and electronic information
ELA 5 H 2 Locating and evaluating information sources (e.g., print materials, databases, CD-Rom references, Internet information, electronic reference works, community and government data, television and radio sources, audio and visual materials)
ELA 5 H 3 Accessing information and conducting research using graphic organizers, outlining, note taking, summarizing, interviewing, and surveying to produce documented texts and graphics
ELA 5 H 6 Interpreting graphic organizers (e.g., charts/graphs, tables/schedules, diagrams/maps, organizational charts/flow charts)
ELA 7 H 2 Problem solving by analyzing, prioritizing, categorizing, and evaluating; incorporating life experiences; and using available information
ELA 7 H 3 Analyzing the effects of an author's life, culture, and philosophical assumptions and an author's purpose and point of view

Technology Connection:
Microsoft Word or Word Perfect word processing program
INSPIRATION graphic organizer program


Distribute the steps of the Research Paper checklist printed from the URL site
Use INSPIRATION program to brainstorm possible topics and teach how to narrow the subject to appropriate content
Visit the web site URL and search for subjects for research using the computer and TV scanner to demonstrate to whole group
Assign students to select 5 subjects for research and prioritize these according to interest- Student time limits to visit subject Idea Directory on the URL site may be set
Students use information to create a 3/5 index card of prioritized subjects

3/5 index card of ordered subjects
Checklist of preliminary steps marked


Checklist handout of preliminary steps to the research paper
Scan converter for whole group instruction via TV monitor
3/5 index cards

This lesson was prepared for the INTECH Session 13 by Greg Meaux