Grade: Elementary
Subject: Science

#191. How Clouds and Fog are Formed

Science, level: Elementary
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University of Memphis, Memphis, TN

Kimberly Fort
Lesson Title: How Clouds And Fog Are Formed

Lesson Sequence: Sequential

Pre: The students successful completion of a unit on rain.
Post: The student will complete an oral quiz on the assignment.

Instructional Objectives: The student will define what a cloud is and what fog is. The student will participate in an experiment on how clouds and fog are formed.

Set/Motivation: The student will review what the class talked about in the
last class about rain. The student will then participate in a discussion about
what clouds and fog are. The student will next participate in an experiment
on how clouds and fog form.

Instruction: The student will fill a bottle with very hot water and let it sit
for a few minutes. The student will then pour our most of the water,
leaving about two centimeters of water in the bottom of the bottle. The
student will fill a control bottle with the same of amount of cold water.
The student will place an ice cube in each bottle. The student will then
observe what happens in each of the bottles.

Supervised Practice: The students in groups of two will complete the
experiment again. This time the students will be asked to record their
results and report back to the group of their findings.

Closure: The students will be asked how a cloud is formed. They will also
be asked what a fog is. The students will then be asked which of the
experiments work better.

Alternative and/or Supplementary Activities
Independent Practice: The students will complete a quiz on the formation
of clouds and fog.

Enrichment: The students will be asked to observe clouds or fog for one
month and report back to class.

Reteach/Remediation: The students not understanding concepts will
in the experiment again.

Materials/Media: Ice cubes; 2 clear, narrow-mouthed bottles; hot and cold water