Grade: Senior
Subject: Literature

#1910. Exploring the Sonnet

Literature, level: Senior
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Homework Central, The Sonnet
Pecan Island High School, Kaplan, Louisiana / Vermilion
Materials Required: Inspiration program for mapping, word processor, and a Prentice Hall text
Activity Time: 55 minutes
Concepts Taught: Shakespearean and Petrarchan Sonnets and writing an original sonnet

Technology-Connected Lesson Plan

Title: Exploring the Sonnet
Greg Meaux
Grade Levels: 10th - 12th

Curriculum Areas: English and World Literature

Learning Objectives:
The student will research English/Shakespearean and Italian/Petrarchan sonnet forms
The student will increase knowledge of and analyze the elements of the sonnet form (e.g., rhyme scheme, meter, content)
The student will write an original sonnet.
The student will submit the sonnet on the Internet.

Louisiana Framework:
ELA 1 H 3 Reading, comprehending, and responding to extended, complex written, spoken, and visual texts
ELA 1 H 5 Using the various purposes for reading to complete complex projects
ELA 1 H 4 Interpreting complex texts with supportive evaluations to generate connections to real-life situations and other texts
ELA 2 H 3 Applying the steps of the writing process, emphasizing revising and editing in final drafts
ELA 2 H 6 Writing as a response to texts and life experiences (e.g., technical writing, resumes)
ELA 5 H 1 Recognizing and using organizational features of printed text, other media, and electronic information
ELA 5 H 4 Using available technology to produce, revise, and publish a variety of works

Technology Connection:
Microsoft Word or Word Perfect word processing program

Using Prentice Hall Literature Text 2000 ED., read Shakespeare's Sonnet 18 on P. 866 to class
Involve students in a discussion to observe rhyme, rhyme scheme, meter, content, etc. of the sonnet
As a whole group demonstration visit the first four sites to learn about sonnet form then individual students will visit the last site (Sonnet Central) and complete a sonnet magnet poem for practice
Then students write an original sonnet on their preferred form (English or Italian), write the poem on the wordprocessor and publish and post it on the net at the Sonnet Central site

Rubric of the sonnet form that addresses correct syllabic meter, line lengths, rhyme, rhyme scheme, and expressive content
Success of publishing and posting on the Internet


Converter for whole group via computer and TV

This lesson was prepared for Intech Session 13 by Greg Meaux.


poor 2 3 4 5 great
10 syllables per line
3 quatrains/1couplet or octave/sestet
rhyme scheme(abba abba cde cde) or
(abab abab abab cc)
content is appropriate
mechanics/overall effect
sonnet is published/posted on the net
Total points 35