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#1913. Welcome Back Teachers - Survival

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Posted Tue Aug 15 15:52:37 PDT 2000 by Joan ().

Someone posted a request for a welcome back idea. We ( our union) did this for my building. Each buiding has a budget and we do
things though out the year. We planned this for American Education week but it could be a welcome back also. I made a gift card on Print
Shop. The graphics were a world globe that had a stem on to look like an apple. I put on our union motto "Educating Everyone Takes
Everyone". The inside had this quote:

Coming together
is a beginning:
Keeping together
is a process
Working together
is a success.
-Henry Ford

This was attached to a small gift bag with a large apple muffin enclosed. The card said:
An apple muffin for the teacher!
Thanks for making our school so
Back of card said: (union name) THANKS YOU!
Each union rep had delivered to the teacher's doorway to greet the teacher back. It was well received.
1st, Oswego, NY