Grade: Senior
Subject: Literature

#1922. Music as Poetry

Literature, level: Senior
Posted Thu Aug 24 05:27:46 PDT 2000 by Angela Faulkner (
South Stanly High School, Norwood NC, United States
Materials Required: A song, food, and different physical objects,
Activity Time: Varies with how indepth you want to be.
Concepts Taught: Writing an argumentative piece and understanding mood

When teaching Poetry, I have Students argue that popular music can be poetry.
The project is as follows:
Choose a song that you feel represents poetry and has poetic elements
(figurative language, rhyme, repetition, etc)
Write an argumentative essay for the poetic qualities of your song.
You must include the lyrics to the song in your project
You must also bring in a taste for all classmates that represents the mood of the song
You must bring in a physical object for all classmates that represents the tone of the song
You must bring in a visual that represents the theme of the song.
Then we share the project in class and play the songs.