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#1925. Olympic Bulletin Board Ideas compiled

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Posted Sun Aug 27 10:19:07 PDT 2000 by Colleen ().
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Silver Ridge Elementary, Silverdale, WA

Hello Everyone and thanks to those that shared many good ideas with me. I compiled your ideas and the ones I got from the Primary Chatboard. Thought some of you may like them! thanks again - Colleen

The title of my board will be: Doing Our Best - We Go For the
Gold . On the first day of school, each child will draw their
self portrait. We will put actual gold medals (from the party
store) around each child neck. (What I like about this idea, is
that it's the childrens work that stands out, not mine)


Re: I need Bboard ideas for Olympics...
Posted by Christy/2/PA on 8/26/00

I made little gold medals with ribbons (out of a round, white
paper coaster with a gold circle) bought at a party supply
store for only 99c. I wrote each students name on the "medal"
and on Monday, the first day of school, I'll be taking their
pictures which I will then cut into a circle and put onto their
medal. The title of the BB "Everyone's a Winner in Mrs.
____'s Class. You could put "Go for the Gold in School"
or "Everyone wins when they are in school"


Re: I need Bboard ideas for Olympics...
Posted by AT/NY on 8/25/00

My Olympics BB is covered with gold wrapping paper. On it I
put the phrase "Let the Games Begin", each event printed on a
3 x 5 card as a border, the Olympic rings, city, and some
trivia. I got a lot of the ideas from Creative Classroom mag.
It looks pretty sharp with the gold paper.
Hope this helps.

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is there anything on line?....i remember the winter olympics had mascots...but you could download pictures of them...there was one for each ring...and we colored them and wrote the story out behind each was cute and everyone liked it...not sure if this olympics is doing anything like that....other than the one mascot...



Make little gold medals and put them on red, white and blue striped ribbon.
Put each child's name on the medal. The title of the borad can be "Go for the


How about this title: "Make it an Olympic Year: Strive to Do Your Personal Best"
(Not my idea, but thought you might like it.)

laura :)


my friend's bb says... 1-l is going for the gold in 1st grade! she put ribbons and stickers with the children's names.

hope this helps!



How about "Make It an Olympic Year!" or "Go For the Gold". You could have
an Olympic torch and the kids could write their goals for the year on
"Olympic Gold Medals".
Cindy in CT