Grade: Elementary

#1926. Bang

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
Posted Sun Aug 27 13:23:02 PDT 2000 by Melody Ingle (
Fairview Elem. School Title 1, Covington, GA
Materials Required: index cards, paper bag
Activity Time: 10 to 20 minutes
Concepts Taught: Phonics, Sight Words

Write words or sounds you want your students to learn on index cards, put into bag. Add several cards saying the word BANG on it. Put into bag.
Go around the circle and each child put hand into bag and take out one card. If he can say the word,
he gets to keep card. If he cannot, card must go back into bag. If he gets the bang card, all cards must go back into bag. The one with the most cards at the end of the game wins. You will be surprised that they don't mind getting the BANG card. Use for math facts or anything you want them to learn. My group begs for this game.