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Grade: all
Subject: Computer

#1927. Ideas for Computer Teachers

Computer, level: all
Posted Tue Aug 29 16:41:01 PDT 2000 by Aileen Feliberty (
Bleeker J.H.S.185, Queens, New York
Materials Required: Computer
Activity Time: 45 Minutes
Concepts Taught: Different ideas for all grades

These are just some quick ideas that I have created to help teachers and students have fun with computers.
1)Have students type up a "fake" resume.
2)Have students create essays, persuassive essays are better.
3)Create a journal entry.
4)Create a bibliography.
5)Create a 3-D drawing of their house.
6)Write a "fake" constitution and create you own class rules.
7)Create a postcard from different countries.
8)Create a travel brochure, using pictures, famous places, and other important information.
9)Design a flag.
10)Design a "Help Wanted" sign, or a "For Sale" sign, and have students say the wierdest things like "Bratty Brother For Sale".
11)Create a yellow journalism article. My students came up with "Elvis is Santa Claus", Our School-The Alien Base", and Monica Lewinsky is Really a Man". Let students use their imagination, it is a lot of fun.
12)Have students create questions using an online encyclopedia, and then have other students answer the questions.
13)Have students interview eachother, and type all of their answers, and present their new friend to the class.
14)Create an autobiography using a timeline for ten main events in your life.
15)Using a slideshow, create an autobiography, be sure to include a title page, and pictures from either the library, camera, or draw them yourself.

Hope these ideas were helpful.
***Remember that you can add pictures to make it even better, Use different font colors and print it out. It looks better, even on an essay just for fun. Make sure students proofread their work, and have other students proofread it too. ****