Grade: Middle
Subject: Language

#1934. vocabulary review

Language, level: Middle
Posted Fri Sep 1 16:57:35 PDT 2000 by Lisa Hawkins (
Keene Middle School, Keene, NH
Materials Required: large flashcards, laminated, overhead markers, paper towel
Activity Time: 20 minutes
Concepts Taught: review previously learned vocabulary

To review vocabulary at the end of semester or year: This game is like scategories in English.

Creat categories of vocabulary that have been studied. My 8th graders do well with categories like: weather and seasons, colors, leisure-time activities, girls' first names, boys first names, parisian monuments/tourist attractions, French(Spanish-speaking countries, etc....

On the flashcards (mine are 5 x 7),for each category, list 10 examples (but of course not all the most obvioius ones) of words that belong in that category. Laminate these cards.

Divide the class into two teams. The teams take turns being "guessers" and "checkers".

The "guessers" get a limited amount of time (one minute works the best) to call out as many examples of the category given to them by the "checkers".The "checkers" keep track of which ones are called out by their opponents by using the erasable overhead pen. The guessers get a point for each answer they get out of the list. Switch roles. Choose the cards randomly as students deem some categories "way easier" than others!!