Grade: Elementary
Subject: Mathematics

#1939. Flash

Mathematics, level: Elementary
Posted Sun Sep 3 22:17:59 PDT 2000 by Aly ().
second grade teacher, New york
Activity Time: as long as you want
Concepts Taught: multiplication, adding ,subtracting, dividing

A fun way to have students review math is to play the game flash. Have the students sit at their desks. Pick a name out of a hat so that the name picked is the person who starts off the game. Have the student stand behind another student. You hold up a flash card of a problem like 4 x 8. Who ever shouts out the answer first moves on. If the person standing said it first he moves to the next person seated. Another flash card is drawn and the students shout out the answer. Who ever gets the answer right keeps moving. If the student seated gets it fastest then he stands up and takes over. This game lets children review math as well as think fast. The kids love it and i have found that they now review there math so when we play the game they do well. When we end the game the students name is put on the board so we remember who was last. When the game is played again we start off with that student and go on.