Grade: Middle
Subject: Games

#1941. The Excursion

Games, level: Middle
Posted Tue Sep 5 09:46:46 PDT 2000 by Joan M. Diez (
IES Ramon Berenguer IV, Amposta, Spain
Materials Required: Boardgame, questions and puzzles of various kinds
Activity Time: About 2 hours
Concepts Taught: General Science, The Environment

Are you and your students environment-conscious? If so, thanks for being what you are. Our dear old Planet Earth needs more people like YOU!
Do you think you could use a board game called "The Excursion"? I devised it some time back, for LOVE, not MONEY.

Maybe you need a piece of information before reaching a decision...

The activity is aimed at students at lower intermediate level. It can be used with both kids and adults at other levels too, provided you make some slight changes to best suit your needs... and theirs!

If you care to use this game you'll make me happy, to begin with. Besides, you will make your students aware of the need to look after the environment, you'll increase student motivation towards Natural History and Science AND you'll have a chance to teach/revise some specific vocabulary. You need about 2 hours to do all this. Not too bad, eh? And it's free, too!

There's more to it... Please keep reading!

You'll deal with direct and indirect questions as well as structures for defining/describing processes and objects. Your students will have a chance to practise the four skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.) Hopefully, everyone will have fun (THAT is important, you know...)

The rules are really simple: students throw dice and make their way around a board, answering questions, performing tasks and finding out about the environment as they go.

Now, if you are still interested in giving my game a try, all you have to do is go to this site:

You can download all the necessary materials there. Most have been "zipped" to speed up download time. Unzipping them is a simple process. If you have problems, go to

I'd be delighted to know how you like this teaching idea, so please send email to And then. . . why not take a look at my educational sites?

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You may be interested to know that I'm a Catalan and a (gentle)man. Learn more about Catalonia and us Catalans at this other site I dreamed up...

I'm a Catalan!

Have fun... and be good!

Joan M. Diez-Cliville
Amposta, Tarragona (Catalonia, SPAIN)
IES Ramon Berenguer IV school

Thanks for your time!!!

PS The pic you'll find at is that of Mrs. Molly "Gran" Warren. Unfortunately, she passed away in 1999 and I devised "The Excursion" board game to honour her in my own little way. If you'd like to see MY pic, just ask me... But it's not worth the effort, really. Up to you entirely!