Grade: all

#195. Multicultural Day/International Market

Social Studies, level: all
Posted by Jennifer Jones ().
Lafayette Elementary School, Oklahoma City, OK
Materials Required: various
Activity Time: 1 week or more
Concepts Taught: looking up information, learning about other cultures, money

Divide students into groups. Each group will choose or be given a specific country to study. They must learn what kinds of items are made and sold in their country and decide what things they want to make for their booth at the market. Each group must make a sign for their booth which has the name and a picture of their country. Groups can submit a list of materials they will need to the teacher and/or bring items from home or community. They can find information in library, on the web or in their community.
When their items are made they should make signs for each item to show price and name. The name should be in the native language of the country and English. Each group should make a brochure about their country.
On market day each group will set up their booth. Group members can take turns working the booth while others shop. Students can dress appropriately for their country also.
This can be as elaborate as you want. The teacher can direct it more for younger students. Older students can add a money exchange to learn about money and values in other countries. You can also use it as a fund raiser and invite parents or community to buy items at the market.