Grade: Middle
Subject: Mathematics

#1950. Perimeter/Area Shape Game

Mathematics, level: Middle
Posted Thu Sep 7 08:28:05 PDT 2000 by Andrea Pronko (
River City Correctional Center, Cincinnati, OH
Materials Required: Cardboard Shapes of Triangle, Circle, Square, Rectangles, Small Rulers, Worksheet
Activity Time: 1/2 an Hour
Concepts Taught: Perimeter and Area of Triangle, Circle, Square, and Rectangles

This game works best as a hands-on "test" after you have done a unit on area and perimeter of triangles, circles, squares, and rectangles.

You cut out (or buy) identically sized cardboard shapes of:

Pass the cardboard shapes out to each student or to a pair of students who can work together.

Students then measure the lengths, widths, heights, diameters and radii of the different objects.

They record their answers on a worksheet that has formulas typed out for each shape and spaces laid out for their calculations lengths, widths, heights, diameters and radii of each shape. (Teacher creates)

The students enjoy this project and are usually quite engrossed in figuring out the measurements and the final answers.