Grade: Middle
Subject: Health

#1953. Calcium -bonebuilders

Health, level: Middle
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Materials Required: Computer, Internet access, paper and pencil
Activity Time: 90min
Concepts Taught: students understand calcium need of their body and construct healthy diet habit with calcium rich fo

Lesson Objectives:
1. Students will understand the functions of calcium in the body
2. Students will be able to identify the best resource group of calcium
3. Student will be able to list calcium rich food items in the mixed food groups
4. Student will give recommendation and construct calcium rich- menu for their patient who has calcium deficiency through the role-play

Lesson Activity #1 (Introduction):
To draw attention on the topic, show various pictures, reports, and simulations regarding differences between healthy and unhealthy bone. Let students compare two pictures in terms of calcium intakes and its different consequences
Lesson Activity #1 (Introduction) - Supporting Web Information:
The picture of about bone density by calcium intakes, Simulation about the strength of health and unhealthy bone Simulation about Bone composition- the important function of calcium
Lesson Activity #2:
Explain about calcium needs of our body and its function in the body. Introduce recommended daily intake(RDI) of calcium Discuss why sufficient calcium intake is so important while young.
Lesson Activity #2 - Supporting Web Information:
The information about calcium need Calcium need graph in lifetime Lesson Activity #3:
1) Show Food Guide Pyramid to refresh what they learn in the last session. Ask students to list all six groups and at least 3 example of food items for each group. 2) Divide students into 6 small groups, Make a discussion about which group is the most calcium rich one. Investigate what kinds of food items are involved in the that group. Students are recommended to Refer to internet resources) Talk each other about favorite snack and discuss how dairy group can be included in their current snack lists.
Lesson Activity #3 - Supporting Web Information:
Food pyramid puzzle gameFood Pyramid Puzzle Game The picture of Food guide Pyramid for young children
Lesson Activity #4:
Assign one food group for each group. Let each group find calcium rich food items for their assigned food group.. Allow them to use internet resources: Post their findings on the board. Each group present their found food items and complete one big pyramid altogether. (Using printed worksheet).
Lesson Activity #4 - Supporting Web Information:
The best calcium resources Calcium rich food items from each food group, Picture about the calcium content per food Worksheet for writing food items for each group
Lesson Activity #4:
Provide example case from the clinic that child patient who is diagnosed calcium deficiency. let students assume they are a nutritionist of the clinic, and then develop recommendation and one day sample diet for the patient Discuss whether they include appropriate food items in their sample diet.
Lesson Activity #5 - Supporting Web Information:
Calculator of calcium intake Sample of calcium rich menu