Grade: Elementary
Subject: Literature

#1957. Book Report

Literature, level: Elementary
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A New Teacher's Survival Guide
Concepts Taught: Book Report


This month you will be creating a board game for your book
report. Choose a mystery story. After you have read your
book, do the following things:
  1. Create a playing board designed with a path of spaces
    leading from "Start" to "Finish." In each space you will
    mention events that happened in your book. Include the main
    idea, some of the important details and action events from
    the book in your spaces. Your spaces may instruct the player
    how to move their playing pieces or you may make cards to
    tell them how to move. For example, a space or a card may
    say, "Nancy finds a clue in the clock. Move ahead two
    spaces." Also, include some "foils" such as, "Nancy runs out
    of gas, miss your next turn."
  2. Your playing board should show the setting of your book.
    The name of your game should be the title of your book. Be
    sure to write the name of the author on the board as well as
    your own name.
  3. Construct playing pieces to represent the characters in
    your book.
  4. Decide how your playing pieces will move through your game
    and collect the appropriate materials such as dice or
    spinners etc.
  5. Write clear directions explaining the rules of your game.
  6. Put the pieces together in a box or zip type plastic bag
    so you won't lose any pieces.
  7. Be sure your name is on your project and bring it to
    school on Halloween Day, when you can try out each others