Grade: Elementary

#1960. Mary Wore Her Red Dress

Building Blocks, level: Elementary
Posted Tue Sep 19 19:06:49 PDT 2000 by Deb Burns (
Columbian Elem., Pueblo, USA
Materials Required: Book: Mary Wore Her Red Dress, Chart Paper, Pen, generic child figure, fabric scraps
Activity Time: 5 days
Concepts Taught: Reading, Language, Writing, Colors, Music

I had more fun with this! Follow the Building Blocks outline for Reading a Predictable Book for 1 week and writing/reading predictable charts. When we wrote the chart, the phrase was: "I wear (blue) (jeans). (Name)" Since they hopefully wouldn't be wearing the same clothes everyday for the next week, we talked about our favorite clothes we like to wear, even if it was in the closet or the washing machine. After reading the book, we also sang the song that goes with the book. Then, we sang the chart: Jason wears his black shirt, black shirt, black shirt.....Susie wears her pink shoes, pink shoes...." The next day, we talked about the red bird in the story and why the author used the picture of the red bird. I called each child up and we talked about what "kind" of bird s/he was that day - with their permission of course. And we sang that part of the song: "Sharon is an orange bird,.....Lawrence is a striped bird...." Instead of just illustrating our sentences by drawing a picture, I gave each child a plain figure outline (kind of a gingerbread man shape). I provided the one piece of clothing (fabric scraps, cut to fit)they had identified - Katie's pink dress, or John's blue jeans - they cut out other pieces of clothing and they wished and decorated to look like themselves - eye color, hair color, etc. We have Open House next week, so I'll hang them up before making them into a book. ENJOY!! Deb/K/CO