Grade: all
Subject: Language

#1963. Trouble Verb Review

Language, level: all
Posted Sat Sep 23 07:55:24 PDT 2000 by Irene Shirley (
Albritton Jr. High, Ft. Bragg, NC
Materials Required: List of words, Construction p squares
Activity Time: 30 min
Concepts Taught: Trouble Verbs, Present, Past, Past Part,

As an extention of your previous day lesson on irregular verbs that change the spelling, create on one master sheet seperated in squares a list of irregular verbs that your students have a hard time. Ex. swim swam swum, write each word into a seperate square, duplicate each master sheet as many times as you can create pairs of two in your class. Cut the squares apart placing them into zipper bags. Students get one bag with a partner, spread squares face down , then play memory or concentration, except they have to get all three forms of the verb correct to have a match. Continue until all matches are found, winner is with most matches. For lower students let them play the first game with the cards face up, so they can familiarize themselves with the words, then play a second time face down.