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#1964. Individual learning centers

Games, level: other
Posted Sat Sep 23 13:32:02 PDT 2000 by eileen (
Home, Maryland
Materials Required: Fun and educational toys
Activity Time: Free choice
Concepts Taught: Individual learning centers

I can provide fun and eduational toys for staff to set up individual learning centers.
Our pegboards, along with activity cards that you will provide, can have the students practice math skills, "Take 10 orange blocks and built one tower, take 10 blue blocks to build another tower.
Take 2 blocks off of the orange tower, how many are left? Take 7 blocks off the blue tower, how many are left? Which tower has more pieces left? "
Write down the equation/results 8>3.
I have many other activities and corresponding fun and individual toys for sale.
Please email
Independent consultant w/ Discovery Toys!!