Grade: Senior
Subject: Language

#1983. Music and French lesson intergration

Language, level: Senior
Posted Fri Oct 20 16:35:39 PDT 2000 by Alexis Unger (
Out of the home, Glenwood, USA
Materials Required: Computer, paper, pencil
Activity Time: E-mail and I will return
Concepts Taught: All

Student will learn the basics of music and French

Any questions please e-mail and I will reply as soon as possible

Thank you.

Some examples include:

Learning about notes, counting and about time signitiures

Learning about the alphbete and the culture. Also learning how to ask simple questions such as Cava? Meaning How are you today.

I plan to incourage students or adults who would be willing to take the course.

Comment te appelle tu? - What is your name?
Comment t'appelle Alexis - My name is Alexis

Qaurter note gets one beat.