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Subject: Mathematics

#1991. scarecrow glyph

Mathematics, level: Elementary
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Post: here's a scarecrow glyph

Posted by JenSue on 11/02/00

I do this with 1st and 2nd grade, and we use tracers for all
the big parts but not for the face and patches. These are
really cute!

hat - 6 years old - orange
7 years old - blue
8 years old - yellow

shirt - I am the oldest in my family - red
I am a middle child in my family - yellow
I am the youngest child in my family - blue
I am the only child in my family - green

pants - I have a pet - blue
I don't have a pet - green

patches on the knees - Choose your favorite -
I like to draw - dots on your patches
I like to sing - stripes on your patches
I like to read - plaid patches

eyes - girl - brown
boy - black

nose - I like fall - triangle
I don't like fall - circle

buttons on your shirt - draw as many as the number of people
in your fami