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Subject: Mathematics

#1992. turkey glyph

Mathematics, level: Elementary
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Post: here's a turkey glyph

Posted by JenSue on 11/02/00

I do this with 1st and 2nd graders. I use tracers. We
graph the info when we are done and do creative writing

body - I like dark meat - dark brown
I like light meat - light brown
I don't like turkey - white

head - We will have guests for Thanksgiving - dark brown
We won't have guests for Thansgiving - light brown

feet - I'm staying home for Thanksgiving - yellow
I'm going away for Thanksgiving - red

beak - We will eat in the kitchen - yellow
We will eat in the dining room - orange

wattle - I like gravy - red
I don't like gravy - orange

eyes - I will eat dessert - black
I won't eat dessert - white

feathers - Use all that are true about you -
I like cranberries - red
I like green beans - green
I like corn - yellow
I like stuffing - brown
I like mashed potatoes - white
I like rolls - blue
I like pumpkin pie - orange