Grade: Middle
Subject: Art

#1993. POP and contour

Art, level: Middle
Posted Sat Nov 4 06:07:23 PST 2000 by carol/tx (
middle, Sugar Land, TX USA
Materials Required: large drawing paper, rulers, pencils, paint, oil pastels or colored pencil
Activity Time: 5 class periods
Concepts Taught: teaching contour drawing, aesthetics, color, line, space

Students will pose for contour drawings - 5 poses in different sizes will be chosen for project. Darken the poses to silhouettes with markers, paint, etc (no charcoal). Choosing a point to be their radiating center, students will use ruler and break up space on paper into rays widening as the rays approach the paper's edge. These rays will be painted or colored in different colors - preferably complimentary or analogous - no pastels or washed out coloring. When completed, students will choose areas on the colored rays to paste their silhouetted figures. When completed this artwork may be sprayed with a glazing medium or brushed with a light coating of mod-podge for a finished sheen. This can be exceptionally beautiful when background has been given a sunset or sunrise appearance.