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Grade: Pre-School
Subject: Language

#1994. The letter "E"

Language, level: Pre-School
Posted Sun Nov 5 17:01:59 PST 2000 by Theresa Parrino (curl776178@aol.com).
Over The Rainbow Pre-School, East Moriches
Materials Required: Old box, wrapping paper, index cards, pictures from magazines, or etc
Activity Time: 15 mintues
Concepts Taught: Recognition of The Letter E

Take a box, (medium sized) wrap it with colorful paper, I used rainbow colors. Make sure you cut a hole on top for children to reach their hand inside. After the box is finished, on the outside take a few index cards and write the letter "Ee" on them and glue them all over the box. Take the remaining index cards and cut pictures from magazines that beging with the letter "E" and glue the pictures to the cards. Make sure you write what the picture is and make sure on the card you put the letter "Ee" on it. After this is completed, put all the cards in the box. Ask one child at a time to pick a card, take it out of the box and ask what they see on the card. All children will get a turn. It makes learning fun! the children love it. You can do this with all the letters of the alphabet.