Grade: Elementary
Subject: Mathematics

#1997. Patterns With a Buddy

Mathematics, level: Elementary
Posted Sun Nov 12 15:16:53 PST 2000 by Paul Brennan (
Lock Haven University, Taylor, Pa.
Materials Required: see lesson
Activity Time: 20 minutes
Concepts Taught: Patterns, into. to probability

Standard: 2.7.5

Objective: Determine patterns as a result of an experiment.

Grade Level: 4

Materials Needed: dice(enough so each pair has a die) and a plain piece of paper.

Activity: Patterns w/ a Buddy
Have your students work in pairs. Pass out a sheet of paper and a die to each pair.
Have one student be the recorder and one student be the roller. Have them roll the the die and record the number that was rolled until the teacher says stop. Have them switch roles after every ten rolls of the die.(roller<-->recorder).
Have them in their pairs pick out different pairs of patterns. Each pair will go up in front of the class and explain the different patterns that happened in their experiment. Reflect as a group what happened. Where else may they might encounter patterns in real life?

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